How Lawsuit Funding Helps in Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve suffered from personal injury as a result of the negligence and carelessness of another person, you know how stressful it can be as a result of the mounting expenses that show up as soon as you are seriously injured.

A personal injury is a life-changing event that leads to serious injuries, even disability. In most cases, it leaves victims with mounting bills, financial and emotional stress, and day-to-day expenses with little or no income.

What is lawsuit funding?

Lawsuit funding gives you cash advance prior to settlement so you can continue to live your life as you did before your injury. It allows you to live your life without the financial stress brought on by the personal injury you suffered from. In other words, it’s like a pre-settlement loan while you are out of commission.

How to get cash advance for your lawsuit now …

Quickset Funding makes the process of getting your cash advance for your lawsuit easy and stress-free. Two simple ways to find out if you are eligible for personal injury lawsuit funding in Las Vegas.

One. You can call Quick Set Funding for a free consultation by speaking to one of our compassionate representatives to help you apply for lawsuit funding. We care about getting you the cash advance you need to continue to live you life just like you did before.

Two. Complete only 5 quick questions on our website. Once Quickset Funding receives your request for lawsuit funding; we will gather the necessary information from your attorney’s office to begin the process.

The approval process will take 24 hours or less depending on how quickly we receive the requested information from your attorney. If you are approved for pre-settlement funding, the check and documents will be delivered to your attorney’s office on the same day as your funding request.


That’s what makes us the best lawsuit funding company in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can now get law firm loans through our streamlined, efficient system. Just complete the application online or over the phone by calling 1.800.239.8464.

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